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Financial Close and Consolidation

Global Financial Consolidation and Reporting


OneStream XF supports true statutory financial reporting requirements including US GAAP, IFRS, Multi-GAAP and local statutory requirements, with the most sophisticated financial intelligence available.

  • One set of data drives multiple GAAP/IFRS reporting formats

  • Cell-level audit trails provide control without impacting performance

  • Out of the box support for complex ownership and equity pickup

Powerful Intercompany Eliminations

Intercompany (IC) eliminations automatically occur at the first common parent in every alternate hierarchy. Improve insight and visualize the impact of acquisitions, and other business changes.

  • Automatic IC eliminations at the first common parent for all hierarchies without complex rules

  • Each intercompany party and counterparty simultaneously views local, counterparty and reporting currencies to instantly collaborate and resolve IC discrepancies

  • Corporate can always see resolution state with pre-built intercompany reports that provide visibility to IC status

Complete Foreign Exchange and Cash Flow Reporting

Improve insight into the real FX impact of currency on every balance sheet account through roll forward members that detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting.

  • Identify and report on new cash flow and profitability sources by corporate, division, customer, product, region or channel

  • Auto-deliver Currency Translation by Account

  • Automated settings for historical dollar overrides

  • Supports detailed cash flow schedules and cash forecasting

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